Lynne LeBeau, Honorary Board Member

Lynne is in love with the children of Haiti and will use whatever abilities she has to help them.  She wants them to know the joy of 1329698_origindependence and the self respect of owning their own futures by the choices they make and she believes education is the key.  Her friendship with the Blon family, along with her own life experiences led her to the HEART school in its own humble beginnings.  She has seen the organization go through changes, growth, and loss and has witnessed the unwavering dedication of all involved, from founders to teachers, staff, parents and supporters. Finding her experience to be life-inspiring, she is invested in the future of HEART.  Lynne has sponsored students through the Buddy Program.  Her dream is to return for another visit to the HEART school and community where she previously taught sewing skills to the women there.  She has many other practical and sustainable skills to teach to and learn from the women of the community as they eagerly strive to be self-sufficient and be able to provide for their families in the coming years with the help of HEART.

by heartschool