A HEART School Student’s Story

PhilomeHEART board members Corinne Warren and Carina Blon interviewed 4 community members from the HEART School during the board of director’s March 2016 trip to Haiti. Corinne’s idea was to model the interviews after the ” Humans of New York” blog. They have recorded the direct statements so HEART supporters and community can learn firsthand the viewpoints of community members. This is the third post in the series, and our student’s name will remain anonymous.

“I used to live in Canaan with my mom, dad, 3 sisters, and 4 brothers. There were no trees and the sun would beat down on you. There was no food at times because my dad or mom did not have steady work. I can remember going three days without eating anything. That was normal for us. I had to sleep on the ground, and when it rained it came right in because the roof was just a tarp. I got sent to live with my uncle. It was ok, but I was the youngest so they made me do everything, all of the house chores and errands. One day I came home with sugar cane, and they asked where I got it since I did not have a garden or money. They called my dad to come and get me to go back to Canaan. Now I live at the house and things are good. I don’t go days without eating anything and I sleep well.”

by Corinne Warren and Carina Blon