Vera Neusser, Board Advisor

Vera Neusser met HEART Board members while serving in Haiti from January to June 2015 as a volunteer for an NGO. She loved our school’s philosophy of empowering children and the community through education. While working with abandoned children in Haiti, she could personally relate to their struggle. She too had been an abandoned child in Germany and was raised by grandparents. Vera is passionate about helping children get the best education possible to initiate a change in their country.

Vera is the mother of 3 adult sons and a grandmother of two. Vera was widowed at the age of 28 when her husband died of a genetic disease. This drew her attention to human genetics and she went on to work in a fertility center as well as run clinics in the Middle East for 10 years. Her focus was to raise awareness of and prevent genetic disabilities. Vera is thrilled to be an advisor for the HEART Board, to support our health program and assist students as they graduate to higher education.

by heartschool