Patricia Marinelli, Honorary Board Member

I was first introduced to Haiti 5 weeks after the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck. As a nurse, and given the timing , my 1944116_origassignment was strictly medical. I was part of a critical mission called OMAT. It was at that time, however, that I realized if Haiti was ever going to climb out of poverty and depression, a new approach to forward progress was needed.

Since January 2010 I have returned to Haiti numerous times and through the years I have shifted my work from medical to educational, social, economic and infrastructure development. I have had the opportunity to get involved with a wonderful and committed group of people and in turn HEART was formed in August of 2012. An Organization led by people who truly care about not only the future of Haiti, but how Haiti’s children fit into the equation. I believe that positive lasting social change in Haiti begins with the children. I am committed to helping the children of Haiti obtain a real chance at a great life.

by heartschool