My HEART is in Haiti

Beautiful, broken, starving, tropical, treeless, healing, rebuilding, land of joyful, frustrated, proud, smiling spirited people: Haiti

A foundation is built with great care with the hope to create a home for a school, but wait, this is hard. Some are tired and angry saying, “You are wrong. We quit.” They fly away with their wings to a safer land, leaving anger, hurt, frustration, desperation…… look inside to the light in your hearts, feel the love cheering you on, see supporters ready to join your cause…….there is another way…..strength through unity with a newly forming team of HEART in Haiti.

Plans begin anew, building with greater ease and ready-made classrooms. Vision, dedication, hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, creativity, ingenuity, helping, giving, hoping, receiving. Dreams do come true. School is open on time. Children, teachers, the community flourishes always learning, adapting, building and growing, all the while the foundation sits waiting: not a pleasant site, yet not too offensive, all the while there is hope of renewal as our HEART is in Haiti.

Many people visit, seeing the beauty of all which has been planted, built and grown on the land, in the people, reaching to the sky. Dedicated dreamers see potential in the foundation, knowing it is simply a castle, waiting to be built, reaching to the sky. A collaborative team is formed, bringing resources, expertise, hard work, creativity, precision and the drive to encourage the bud to bloom into: The Rose Foundation Community Building. A gift to the HEART in Haiti community with the vision of hosting many celebrations and healings, modeling the hope for our future. Walking into this treasure, tears of joy fall as the strength of this castle, hugged by the mountains, encourages worries of the past to fall away as visions of the future inspire:
Beautiful, repairing, satiated, tropical, reforested, healing, rebuilding, and of joyful, hopeful, proud, smiling spirited people: Haiti.

by Maria Blon