Maria Blon, Board Advisor


Maria Blon is the past President of the HEART Board and has been volunteering in Haiti with Shad St. Louis since July 2010 when she traveled down upon the request of her daughter Carina. Maria has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from Penn State University and a Masters in Education from George Washington University. Her career as a college professor teaching mathematics and training future elementary teachers with hands-on, interactive methods have been helpful when training teachers at the HEART in Haiti School.

Maria’s lifelong passion for the environment is opening the school community to sustainable solutions to Haiti’s challenges with deforestation and health concerns with cooking fires. Read more at this link to Biodigestion.

Maria is a speaker and author, publishing a book called, “Living Passionately: 21 people who found their purpose and how you can too!” This book includes stories of the HEART school from Director Shad St. Louis and Community Liaison Carina Blon. A student, Jean Widletson Gaspard and school cook, Rosita Labousse also have stories in the book. All proceeds from this book are donated to HEART. Please follow this link to view and purchase the book: Living Passionately


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