Made With Love Dresses

Children at school 3There is a group of women who like to get together and sew, rather like the quilting bee of earlier times. We have been together for several years now. We make Made With Love Dresses and donate them where they are needed and wanted. After being introduced to the HEART school, we fell in love with the program and have been devoting our time to sewing little sundresses for the girls in the school. It is a simple way to gather and do something for good. People hunger to do good things. We have women who don’t sew but donate material and embellishments. We have women who bring a friend along just to introduce them to the program. I was very fortunate to travel to Haiti and to take some of the dresses to the school. The joy on the faces of the girls when they are given a dress that has been made especially for them reflects the joy on the faces of the women who made them. One by one we are sharing the HEART story with our friends and neighbors. One by one is how good stuff gets done!

by Kathy McMillen

HEART supporter and volunteer