In Haiti, 90% of schools are private and many parents cannot afford to send their children to school. We know education is the best way for helping children kenley-poleaureach their full potential. We also know teaching problem solving and critical thinking is paramount in a country riddled with the numerous problems that come with poverty. How do we do this?

Our teachers receive regular training in the most effective educational methods.

Giving back is integral in our school’s philosophy. Every Friday, our students do service work, ranging from cleaning up the school property to helping local elderly neighbors with chores at their home, so they feel cared for.

Field trips are fun adventures for the students when they have the opportunity. We had a hotel partner who allowed our students to learn swimming at their pool. Trips to the doctor are of utmost importance for their well-being.fruit-and-vegetable-report-title

Learning about how to grow food and eat well is integral to our school programs. Vegetables are grown on the school campus.   (Click on image to see full report.)

Sustainability is taught from the ground up, starting with our buildings which are made out of shipping containers, continuing to the way we cook food for our children with biofuel. Teaching by example is the most powerful way for people to learn.

Career development will ensure our students are able to find employment after they graduate.