Vocational School


Centre de Formation Professionelle et Technique d’Haiti
Center of Professional and Technical
Training of Haiti

The mission of the professional school is to offer the possibility for young people to learn important skills, knowledge and trades. The knowledge, skills and trades our students can learn in the school will better their job opportunities and also enrich their lives and better their surrounding community!

The technical school is looking to expand to offer more classes in computer skills and typing, woodworking, cooking, and cosmotology.  The school is run independently by the local students and does not rely on outside support, although any help with supplies and funding are greatly appreciated!

Community Classes

The sewing group has been working on basic sewing skills using the foot pedal machines, and the students have learned how to make skirt patterns for themselves. They are looking to do more projects and advance their skills!


Derosie Dieumaitre leads our construction classes, and the students learn construction, concrete and iron-works technique theories as well as hands on methods for masonry and ceramics.




There is a beginning English class led by Carina and an advanced class led by Shad.  The course follows the Side By Side ESL workbooks, and both teachers and students come to class enthusiastic to be there!


Gesner Adam leads our plumbing and electricity class.  His students learn plumbing and electricity theory as well as work with models to learn the manual labor associated with the trades.