Construction Projects

School Construction Projects

All of our construction projects have been planned and implemented on our land to ensure that they are safe, earthquake proof, and sustainable.

The Rose Foundation Community Building

Made possible through our partnership with the Rose Foundation of Haiti, the HEART In Haiti School recently constructed and celebrated the completion of the Rose Foundation Community Building in March 2016.  It is an auditorium style building that will be used for school assemblies, kindergarten graduation, and school wide and community celebrations.  We are quite grateful to the Rose Foundation for their continued support.




Retired Shipping Container School

retiredshippingcontainerschool1The cafeteria, first, and second grade classrooms are situated in the blue container school.  Designed by Mr. Richard Martin of Global Container Partnerships,  this building is very weather resistant and has great wind ventilation for keeping our students and staff cool.  Construction started in April 2012, with the delivery of 2 retired shipping containers.  The welders started cutting doorways, windows and classroom dividers, and continued into February 2013, when the school was finished.

In March 2013, we celebrated the opening with a ribbon cutting with members and supporters of Midtown Atlanta Rotary Club of Georgia, who sponsored the project.




The digging for the 6 foot deep, and 80 foot by 20 foot long foundation began in summer 2011.  All local labor was hired, and most of the work was done by hand!constructionpagephoto



The School Begins

In December 2010, a 2 acre piece of land in Merger, Croix des Bouquets Haiti was bought by our school team. Construction on the 2 acre property began in January with the building of a cement block depot to hold construction supplies and a water treatment system. We started a small vegetable garden and planted corn, okra, peppers and beans.  Parents of the school students took turns caring for the garden and watching over the land, clearing it of trees, stumps and plants in preparation for the construction of a school!